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Sep 16, 2014 / 5:25am


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Jason Wellwood
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David Ivany

Show Contacts
Email Contacts For All Of LU Radio’s Local Show
After Hours – afterhours[@]
Asian Kaleidoscope – roopa[@]
Betty Howls – bettyhowls[@]
Box Whine – boxwhine[@]
Brilliant Corners – brilliantcorners[@]
Classical Thunder Bay – classical[@]
Cover To Cover – covertocover[@]
Digging Through The Rubble – djluv[@]
Dynamite Jet Saloon – dynamite[@]
Eco Flow – ecoflow[@]
The Flyest – flyest[@]
The Gallery – thegallery[@]
Glam Roxx – glamroxx[@]
How Blue Can You Get – howblue[@]
Indie Rock Roller Coaster – rollercoaster[@]
JAFO’s Mood – jafo[@]
Jens Bent – bent[@]
Jukebox Heaven – jukebox[@]
Lipstick and Leather – lipstickandleather[@]
Little Moma’s Got The Blues – kitchenparty[@]
Little Moma’s Kitchen Party – kitchenparty[@]
Live Fast Die Fast – livefast[@]
LU Radio Variety Hour – varietyhour[@]
Metal Maschine Musik – metalmachinemusik[@]
The Modern Mix Tape – modernmixtape[@]
One Fine Morning – onefinemorning[@]
Paradigm Shift Cafe – paradigmshift[@]
P.T.O. Junction – ptojunction[@]
Queer Radio – queerradio[@]
Rawk Star Gurl’s Rawkin’ Hour of Rock N’ Roll – rawkstargurl[@]
The Rest of the Album – rest[@]
Riddim Rider – riddim[@]
Sabor Latino – saborlatino[@]
The Scoop – news[@]
The Session – thesession[@]
Tiny Tunes – tinytunes[@]
Showcrastination – showcrastination[@]
Sonic Blender – sonicblender[@]
Steal This Radio – stealthis[@]
Take It To The Bridge – bridge[@]
Talking Heads – talkingheads[@]
Thursday Afternoon Jazz – jazz[@]
Traffic Jams – trafficjams[@]
Tropical Storm – tropicalstorm[@]
Turntables and Fables – turntablesandfables[@]
Ulkonainen – ulkonainen[@]
What’s Up In Thunder Bay? – whatsupinthunderbay[@]
Witchfinder Radio – witchfinderradio[@]
The Wire – thewire[@]
Young Giants – younggiants[@]


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