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Nov 20, 2014 / 5:33pm

Sunday May 25th at Noon!

May 25th, 2014 by Station Manager

Today at noon, LU Radio, Learning Through The Arts & Lakehead Public Schools present a show created by Mr. Purdon’s Grade 5/6 class at St. James! Tune in for an incredible hour of radio where the subject matter and music were chosen by the students, and all of the interviews and announcing done by the students as well!

The show will be available for download here on Monday for those of you who missed it!

Annual Power Outage – Saturday May 3rd

May 2nd, 2014 by Station Manager

Due to the annual power outage at Lakehead University tomorrow (Saturday May 3rd), our website and streaming will likely be down for the majority of the day. We should be back up and running by about 5pm. Our terrestrial (FM) broadcast won’t be effected by the outage though, so you can still tune in locally! Thank you for your understanding, we apologize for the inconvenience!

Sounds of Thunder Compilation Deadline Extended! – Sunday night at Midnight is your deadline!

May 1st, 2014 by Station Manager

Due to the fact that Fund Drive completely took over our lives for the last few months, and we didn’t have time to work on the compilation as much as we wanted to, we’ve decided to extend our music submission deadline to Midnight on June 1st! That’s right, another month to get your unreleased demo (or finished if you prefer) songs in to us for possible inclusion on the Sounds of Thunder compilation!

Some clarifications and reminders for you all with regards to what we are looking for:

1. Songs must be unreleased electronically or physically in this version. For example, if you have a song that you have released as an electric version but would like to submit an acoustic version for the compilation, that is perfectly fine.
2. Songs may be in rough demo form, but make sure we can at least get the gist of what the song could be and where it’s going so that we can make an educated decision.
3. We are still planning to put the artists who need to into a studio to record their song. Some people have indicated that they want to do their own recording and mixing as they have previously done, which is fine. However, the final ‘veto’ on the song recording quality comes down to the person who will be doing the mastering for the compilation. If he says its poop, then it needs to be redone.
4. Genre doesn’t matter, if it’s a good song, it’s a good song. We want a wide variety of music on the compilation to highlight the talent here in Thunder Bay.
5. The artist agrees not to release the finished version of their song (the compilation version) on their own works for at least 3 years after the release of this compilation.*

To clarify what is expected of the artist as well: LU Radio is not asking you to give up the rights to your songs completely; we are, however, asking that you waive the rights to the song as it pertains to the compilation, meaning that if we make money on the album, we keep the money. Any SOCAN royalties, or movie/television licensing, that’s all yours. We are only concerned about the money from the compilation.

LU Radio will be paying for the studio time, production and distribution of the compilation, including sending a copy to all of the National Campus & Community Radio Association member stations across Canada (approximately 70 stations).

We have also been speaking with the North Light Media Collective and they will be doing short documentary style pieces on the compilation process. These will initially be shown on our website but may also be assembled and put into an ‘extras’ package for pre-orders.

*Again, if there is a different version out there, that is fine. We want people to buy this compilation though, or donate to the station in order to receive a copy, therefore we want all of the tracks to be exclusive.


The compilation is going to need artwork and we would like the arts community in Thunder Bay to think about creating something special for it. Again, the artist retains all rights to the image created outside of the compilation. We will obviously need the image for the compilation artwork, posters and promotional materials as well, and the artist will receive a copy of everything produced with their artwork on it. However if the artist is submitting that there is an ‘original’ of (a painting for example), the artist retains the rights to the original.

1. Deadline for artwork submission will be July 1st, 2014 at midnight.
2. It may be submitted digitally (in .jpg, .gif, .pdf or .png preferably) to or in person at the station. It may also be submitted in hard copy to the station. Please give us a call at 766-7260 to arrange a drop off time.
3. Artwork should in some way reflect the ‘Sounds of Thunder’ compilation name, or Thunder Bay itself.
4. Bigger is better, the finished compilation cover will likely be 12”x12” square but we’ll also need to do poster sized versions as well as smaller versions for web.
5. Black and White, full colour, all options are acceptable. We just as that if you are submitting something hard copy, that it is something easily digitized for the cover.

The winning artwork will be chosen, like the songs for the compilation, by a panel of judges who will be members of LU Radio but also people affiliated with the arts and music scene here in Thunder Bay.

The winning artist will be interviewed for the compilation documentary as well as on the station, and a small bio will be included with our mail out to the other stations and the artist work will also be featured on the station website, Facebook, etc. The winning artist will also receive finished copies off all promotional materials created for the compilation as well as a copy of the compilation itself in any/all formats that it is produced in. Chosen artists will also receive ‘jump the line’ passes to the launch/album release party(ies) for the compilation (dates and venues to be determined) and more!

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with Jason at or by calling 807-766-7260

Digital submissions for both songs and artwork can be sent to: Hard copies can be dropped off at the station itself, 707 Oliver Rd. or by sending it snail mail to:
Attn: Sounds of Thunder Compilation
955 Oliver Rd.
Thunder Bay, ON
P7B 5E1


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